About Performance Computers, Inc.

Company Information:

Performance Computers, Inc. (“PCI”) was incorporated November 2001 in Nevada as a licensed subchapter “C” corporation serving Northern Nevada.  The Corporate Records and Receivables office is located in Reno, Nevada.  PCI is a technology service company with sales made in connection with repair and replacement service. Sales license and tax permit are on file with the Nevada Department of Taxation.

PCI is an onsite business to business computer facility management service company.  A “Brick and Mortar” store-front retail location is not necessary to complete standard business as defined in the Company Mission Statement.  PCI is operated by company President, Olin Coles, a citizen of the United States who resides in Reno, Nevada. 

On Noverber 2001 Performance Computers, Inc. purchased Coles Computer Consulting, a sole-proprietorship created April 2000, and all assets and affairs have been assumed by PCI henceforth.

On March 2007 Performance Computers, Inc. opened BenchmarkReviews.com as an online extension to the sales and service offered by PCI. Benchmark Reviews offers performance computer hardware reviews, video game and software previews, how-to guides, and technology news for enthusiasts.

Four years later, Performance Computers, Inc. opened GunWarrior.com on March 2011. This project will be our first entry into online 'deals and discounts' media, and will serve as the template for others soon to follow.

Additionally, the TechPlayboy.com was launched to address the changing climate of consumer electronics.

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