Performance Computers, Inc.

Making Competition Obsolete Since Y2K.

Service Technician: 775-544-6563

Performance Computers, Inc. is an on-site computer service company located in Reno, Nevada.  Operated locally since 2000, PCI concentrates on providing excellence in three areas:

1) PC hardware troubleshooting repair and Microsoft Windows software diagnostics
2) Network administration for enterprise business systems and LAMP web servers
3) CMS website development and Search Engine Optimization

It is our goal to increase your productivity. Performance Computers will review each customer’s business needs to determine the most cost-effective method ensure your company completes its mission.

PCI produces the most dependable performance computer systems available, using the latest component technology available. High-end 64-bit design workstations with solid state drive storage and powerful graphics are what we specialize in! Give us a call to quote your next computer system: 775-544-6563

Website Development Services

Professional Search Engine Optimization
  • Natural (organic) SEO techniques
  • Effective website optimization updates
  • Google, Bing, and Yahoo content indexing
  • Guided keyword copy writing services


CMS Management & LAMP Administration
  • WordPress and Joomla installation
  • Content Management System building
  • Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP administration
  • Performance optimization services


Contact PCI:

Please call to schedule a service appointment or discuss new projects: 775-544-6563

There is no better way to service our clients then through open communication, so tell us what you think because we're here to listen: send us a note